Possibilies of integration between warehouse and stores in an omnichannel communication

The wish of each user is a greater control and flexibility on online orders: they expect to be free to make, receive and return their orders by any channel, independently from the one they bought it by. The possibilities of integration with warehouse are achievable thanks to an integrated IT management system. Below are listed the main systems in use:
  • Online order- it represents the classical purchase on a eShop based on the availability of a centralized warehouse.
  • Pay & collect – it provides two options:
it allows the online purchase on the stock of the centralized warehouse availability, giving the possibility to pick up the product in a physical store, which will receive the items and will organize the pick-up. It allows to see the availability both on the website and in retail points, which will be integrated through punctual and frequent communication, in order to transmit the order to the appropriate warehouse and store. The Customer’s experience is related to the online purchase, so prices and promotion must be coherent to the eShop.
  • Reserve & Collect – as an evolution of Pay & Collect, it is based on stores’ availabilities, which will communicate stocks, handle with picking and process orders.
The news consists in the payment method, which takes place directly in the store when the customer picks up the items presenting the order confirmation received by email. Advantages are related to the removal of online payment doubts, but also foresee a definition of disengagement processes of non-picked up items. The customer associates the whole process directly to the store, so prices and promotion must be coherent with store ones.
  • Showrooming – the store’s customer is allowed to integrate his/her purchase with the items available online, in terms of sizes, colours and availability, receiving them directly at home.

Integration also for B2B market

EShop can also be integrated with an area reserved to B2B market. An access to a protected section allows orders on special price lists and advanced discounts management, which would enable to intervene on macro product categories, product categories, or individual items. The organization can contemplate different categories of users, from distributors to retailers up to Agents, allowing thus to intervene also on the single user’s display.
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