Tuesday August 2nd, 2016 - #customer service #ecommerce

The most suitable tools for customer’s support

This is our experience:
  • the telephone vocal contact is the favourite way of users, it allows to immediately solve any request, create a contact with the company, make sure about the purchase quality, help to convert and of course increase the brand awareness.
  • The Helpline is also a sort of business card: it shows the company solidity and the great attention on its customers.
  • The “contact form” is mostly used by people who prefer to make thoughtful purchases: it gives the possibility to get information in a relaxed way, analysing in depth all technical aspects. We can certainly say that customers prefer basic contact form, easily fillable by any device, better if automatically releasing a copy of the mail: this ensure about the safety and good working of the website. Furthermore, it decreases the rate of lead dispersion.
  • A great support comes then from live chat, increasingly present particularly in small and medium e-commerce. Also in this case, we will provide a competent operator, able to answer promptly to customer inquiries.

The role of FAQs – how much and how to use them

Well-studied FAQ answer to the most common doubts about the method of payment or shipping times. Usually but users prefer a personal contact (chat / phone), especially for technical issues. Also in this case the support of the customer care is fundamental to create well-structured FAQ pages, constantly updating, according to the most common requests of customers, thus decreasing the number of personal contacts and reaching a higher amount of interested users.

Customer care and social media: What’s about future?

The role that social network has recently acquired in the information request is undeniable.
  • The prompt response is the key of the success: a response must be given within an hour or at the most by the end of the day.
  • Listening has a strategical importance: customers give hints and become the spokesperson of the brand. By now they are aware of that, so they expect honest and customized answers. They help in building a solid and unassailable reputation.