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Integrated Software

Integration across commercial platforms

Our clients who need to integrate management programs and marketplace – indispensable when handling an online shop – are offered efficacious multichannel managing solutions. We propose an integration to the company’s software already in use, making it easy to handle with products catalogue on different sales channel, automatically updating the availability of warehouse, orders, shipments tracking, and much more.  

The importance of integrating management software.

Creating a unique flow of information able to build a two-dimensional dialogue between management systems and platforms (of sales, logistics and so on) gives the opportunity to handle with a huge amount of data ensuring their precision and synchronisation. . Our warehouse management software, for example, in addition to manage the data on items are completed by the tracking of shipments, agents and suppliers up to the delicate phase of billing.

Managing shipments

We know the importance of shipment times and costs as a competitive leverage in the purchasing decisions. Our software can offer innumerable possibilities in synchronizing warehouse orders, among which being the instrument of identifying the most convenient shipping according to weight, volume and destination.


Integrated software

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